Hello reader! I am ryder, born and raised in honolulu, hawaii and an alumni from Oregon State University. Over the years I have gained professional & EDUCATIONAL experience in Graphic Design, Marketing, and social Media management. 
Some things I'm into is watching sports (specifically basketball & football) and staying active with yoga, weightlifting, or trying a new fitness activity. I love to spend time with Family and friends as we usually find ourselves going to concerts, visiting the beach, or traveling across the world. I also enjoy my own personal time that consists of reading, watching/critiquing films, or discovering new music. 
From a professional standpoint, I strive for consistency by wanting to learn quickly and efficiently when presented with new tasks and challenges. I enjoy working with others to emulate a positive, organized, & teamwork-oriented environment. Lastly, I am Enthusiastic about growing relationships as a leader and also being able to equally collaborate with others.
Please feel free to either reach out for a resume, to have a quick chat, or to make a new friend. Click the the mail icon below to Contact me :) 
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